Professional and Qualified Garbage Disposal Repair in Brea, CA

Have you been having problems with your garbage disposal? Were you careless and accidentally dropped something in the disposal that didn’t belong in it and it is stuck? When you call My Brea Plumber Hero, we’ll help you figure out exactly what is wrong with your kitchen sink disposal. Our plumbing contractors have seen everything you can possibly imagine from food wrappers enfolded around the blades to tiny pebbles from the family fish tank preventing the propeller from turning, there isn’t a situation that our professional plumbers cannot handle.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Longer with these Tips

We not only repair and replace garbage disposals. We also dispense tips and advice for keeping your appliance running longer, and to prevent nasty clogs that require professional drain cleaning. Take a moment to read the following tips that are guaranteed to go a long way toward protecting your disposal from premature break downs.

  • Run your kitchen sink disposal often. There are some people that believe using their disposal once a day will lead to problems; therefore, they limit their usage. The truth is that you need to use your disposal regularly to prevent it from rusting and oxidizing so that all the moving parts continue to work as they should.
  • Break up large pieces of leftover food waste by hand or cut the chunks up with a knife. Trying to dispose of large chunks of food will make the motor work harder and can jam the propeller.
  • Clean your disposal by washing dishes on the side of the kitchen sink where the disposal is located. When you drain the sink, the detergent and an icy blast of cold water will do a wonderful job of cleaning the inside of the disposal. You don’t need chemical cleaners.
  • Don’t put anything in the disposal that is not biodegradable. The disposal is not a trash can. Food wrappers, glass, metal, plastic, and other kitchen trash that is not edible should never be placed in the disposal.

Contact Us when You Need Garbage Disposal Replacement and Installation

There is some debate on how long a garbage disposal will last. However, if your disposal is anywhere between five and 10 years old, you may need to consider replacing it with a new and improved model if you are frequently calling for plumbing service. When the time comes to replace your disposal, we want you to know that you can depend on our plumbers in Brea, California to perform qualified and practiced garbage disposal installation.

For a complete list of maintenance tips or to schedule an appointment for repairs, call us today!